We know choosing a candle online can be hard, so here's a breakdown of each of our scents and which fragrance category they fall under. We hope this will help you find your new favorite candle! 


There are a range of scents in the earthy category including dry woods like cedar and sandalwood, warm resins and amber, sensual musks, and supple leather. Earthy scents are grounding, and tend to be heavy since they're composed of larger, long-lasting fragrance molecules. 

Some common earthy scent notes are: cedar, sandalwood, vetiver, oud, patchouli, pine, oakmoss, juniper, amber, resin, musk, and leather.


Fresh scents tend to invigorating, bright, and sometimes citrusy. Fresh scents have a light, airy quality about them, and are great to enjoy while working, or to make a room less stuffy

Some common fresh + citrus scent notes are: bergamot, citrus fruits, lemon verbena, basil, sage, rosemary, sea salt, mint, and eucalyptus.


Florals are traditionally seen as soft, feminine and romantic.That being said, florals are totally unisex! Florals are great because there is a scent for everyone. Some florals can be overpowering and others can be very light. 

Some common floral scent notes are: lavender, rose, gardenia, neroli, jasmine, ylang-ylang, geranium, violet, peony, and chamomile. 


Spice scents add warmth and character. Spice notes are intriguing and can perk up a scent!

Some common spice scent notes are: tobacco, pepper, clove, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, myrrh, and coriander. 


The gourmand category includes scents that are good enough to eat! Sometimes referred to as "edible" scents, gourmand notes will make your mouth water! 

Some common gourmand scent notes are: red and green fruits, vanilla, chocolate, coffee, pineapple, fig, pumpkin, berries, freshly baked bread, sweets, and caramel.