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Each LUHO candle is hand poured in small batches and made with:

all-natural, non-toxic, and slow-burning, coconut-apricot wax that is sustainably made from renewable resources and is safe for homes with children, pets, or loved ones with allergies because it produces less soot and burns cleaner (smoke-free) than other waxes

a blend of high-quality phthalate & paraben-free fragrance oils

natural, clean-burning, crackling wood wicks sourced from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified mills in the USA

candles contained in reusable and recyclable metal tins and glass jars

carefully shipped out in eco-friendly recyclable packaging

For more information about our materials and our commitment to sustainable practices visit our About Us page




VOLUME: 0.5 oz | 14 g

RECOMMENDED SPACE: sampler tealights are smaller and will not fully fragrance medium to large rooms.



VOLUME: 3.5 oz | 100 g

Our travelling tins are a great lightweight option if you want to bring your LUHO candle with you on a trip, to the office, etc.

RECOMMENDED SPACE: perfect for small to medium indoor rooms such as a bathroom, small bedroom or office, on a desk or in an entryway.



VOLUME: 8 oz | 227 g

Our amber glass jars are beautiful when lit, especially in darker rooms, setting the mood with its warm ambience. 

RECOMMENDED SPACE: great for a range of small to large rooms such as a bedroom, living room, kitchen, or spaces with high ceilings.


Please note: open windows, fans, etc. might affect the candles scent and how much of the area it will fill.



Our SAMPAGUITA candle is the perfect way to indulge in the scent of the Philippines' iconic national flower - jasmine sambac. This beautiful floral fragrance features delicate jasmine, accented with the zesty zing of citrus and the depth of white musk. Enjoy the beauty and symbolism of the sampaguita in your very own home.

FUN FACT: The Sampaguita (jasmine sambac) has been the national flower of the Philippines since 1934. This sweet-smelling white flower is believed to symbolize purity, fidelity, strength, devotion, love, and hope. The flower’s name is believed to come from the phrase “sumpa kita”, which means “I promise you”.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Ariel Reyes
Loving it!

I'm Filipino and married to a French Canadian. Years ago, I told her about Sampaguita flowers from the Philippines and how I miss their exotic and aromatic fragrance. My wife is into scented candles and wishes that she could experience its smell. One day, I was searching Sampaguita online, and your ad came up. I wasted no time and ordered two. I let my wife experience the aroma first, and she said afterward that she wouldn't buy any other candles but Sampaguita. For me, it certainly brought back a lot of good memories, especially with my mom, who recently passed away. We'll be buying more in the future. Mabuhay!

Aline Pinga
Love , love, love!

I'm totally in love with this candle! Got this tin from my daughter last Christmas and we both love it! So heavenly. Ordered another one plus other 3 candles but still waiting for them. Tried to order another 3 samoaguitas because I got a 15% discount email offer but didn't work. So I'll just wait until I've used up all the candle before ordering more.

Brings me back to the Philippines

Haven't been to the Philippines in 15 years but after opening the jar and inhaling it immediately took me back. Such a perfect floral sent. Got a couple for my sister and she also loves them.


Smells so good!

Smells like home!

I don't usually buy scented candles but smelling the Sampaguita candle reminded me of the scent of leaving a church after a Sunday mass and seeing some Sampaguita vendors back home in the Philippines. I wanna try it and see if it would smell as good as it is unlit, and it does. I'm so happy about my purchase; it is definitely worth it!